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A lovely brass mounted flintlock pistol from Albania, mid 18th century.

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Roma from Sam Davis on Vimeo.


Roma is a documentary that brings to light a community that has been somewhat forgotten. Directed by Sam Davis. Produced by Alex Lloyd

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Today in Solidarity: Protesters gather in Oakland against the Urban Shield conference and police militarization

Ever wonder where cities get all their fancy ideas on how to militarize their police force? It’s not just from the Pentagon— it’s conferences like Urban Shield, that highlight the latest in tactical equipment and practices for suppressing the very people you’re sworn to serve. #staywoke #whodoyouprotect #whodoyouserve 

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Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue


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Block the Boat! Liberation from Oakland to Palestine! | AmericaWakieWakie 

Today, in solidarity with Palestine, hundreds of Oakland, CA residents took to the streets in Block the Boat, a campaign for divestment from Israel’s apartheid government which focuses on impeding the unload of Israeli cargo ships along West Coast ports. 

In the past few weeks the Israeli onslaught of Gaza has steadily intensified, thus far claiming over 1,959 Palestinian lives — 80 percent have been civilians (including 470 children), few of which have been the alleged target Hamas — and injuring over 10,000 more. In addition, tens of thousands have been displaced but with effectively no where to go in the border-sealed stretch of land continually bombarded. 

Protesters chanted “When people are occupied, resistances is justified!,” as well as “Hands up, Don’t shoot,” in a show of support for the victims of police brutality in Ferguson, MO. 

(Photo Credit: AmericaWakieWakie)

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You WILL want to watch this.

In the early morning hours on 8/16/2014 in Ferguson, MO, Greg Thomas spoke with VICE about Ferguson, structural racism, media bias and more!!!

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Greg Thomas can be found on twitter, here: Minossec

#Ferguson #MikeBrown

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From 2:00 onwards:

The St. Louis Dispatch, they did a thing where, yesterday, they went over to Florissant and asked white people in Starbucks, “What do you think about what’s going on in Ferguson?” First off, most of them weren’t even watching the news and had no idea what happened, but they knew a boy was killed, and their reaction was, “Well, what did he do to deserve it? I know he did something.”

That is embedded in the system. That is embedded within white privilege, and within the country itself: that people are bad because they deserve it.

We have this whole Puritanical system that is set up from the people who got kicked out of England for being too radical…that people who have bad things happen to them deserve it. So, we must’ve deserved slavery. We must’ve deserved Jim Crow. We must’ve deserved 100:1 crack laws. We must’ve deserved the war on drugs. We must’ve deserved racial policing. So now, if you have that mentality about black people, and it gets passed on from person to person, generation to generation, that black people deserve what happened to them, then, when you go ask them, there’s not questions. It’s, “Well, wrong happened to them, so they must’ve deserved it.”

Incredible. Please watch this.

Finally, someone got the video and transcript of his amazing speech. Truth I his words.


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This is a LIVESTREAM of the peaceful protest in Ferguson. The police are telling them to turn off their cameras!!!

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